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Ashley Burse

Group Life Administrative Assistant

I am super excited to serve at Northwest as a Group Life Admin for Care and Women’s Ministry! I came on board at the end of July 2017 and am just loving it!

I grew up in a Christian home, where we went to church every Sunday, and I gave my life to Christ at an early age at a summer church camp. My parents kept us in church and youth group and I was so on fire for Christ, until I went off to college. In college, I went my own way and did my own thing. After college, I married, had a beautiful daughter and we moved to Colorado. In 2013 my husband passed away of a sudden heart attack. My and my daughter’s life was flipped upside down, and we moved back to Texas to live with my parents. My husband's death caused me to lean on God again strongly, because I needed his help to take every next step. I began to experience him for the first time like I never had before, and developed a real relationship with him. Today, my daughter and I are filled with joy, real joy. We both have relationships with Jesus Christ and are thankful that he picked us both up and put us on the path we are on!

Some of the things I really love doing would include, trying new restaurants and family spots with my daughter, boyfriend and his son. I love coffee, avocado’s, anything vintage, and being around my friends and family!


Care, Group Life, Prayer, Women's