Working Women

Pursuing a calling in a professional career
brings many challenges and joys for
working women.

God created you for this pursuit and will use
your work as a platform for His love and grace.

Northwest Bible wants to
support your calling

through partnerships with two great local
ministries, both founded by Northwest women.

  • 4Word Women exists for connecting, leading and supporting women in the workplace to reach their God-given potential. Founder and Northwest Bible Church member, Diane Paddison, leads 4Word as the only national organization serving professional Christian women. 4Word is narrowing the gap in resources facing every woman series about her career, relationships and faith. 
    The vision of 4Word is that women in the workplace will see their faith as their foundation, their relationships as their priority, and their work as the place where God has divinely gifted them to serve, so they may impact the world eternally. The mission of 4Word is to connect, lead and support women in the workplace to achieve their God-given potential. 
  • Polished gathers lost and disconnected young professional women to navigate career and explore faith together. Co-founders, Kat Armstrong and Stephanie Giddens, acted on the vision and passion for this ministry while members at Northwest Bible Church. Polished has 5 chapters across Texas.
    Polished is a safe community of young professional women who ask the hard questions about life and faith and work to find the answers together. They welcome women of all faith backgrounds and intentionally design their events to best meet the needs of women exploring Christianity for the first time or the first time in a long time.