By 2026, we will be having thousands of surprisingly easy-to-start conversations about Jesus all over our city because we are convinced, where God has us is where Jesus is.

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As part of God’s plan, we each have been given a “divine platform” where God wants to use us. Simply stated, your divine platform is where God has you to have conversations about Jesus. This is both where God has placed you and how God has shaped you. How God has shaped you includes your personality, gifts, and individual stories. Where God has placed you can be as simple as work, the soccer field, or the coffee shop — just everyday life — and may include your circumstances, both good and bad. Because no two of us are alike and we all lead different lives, no two platforms are the same.

Whether you’ve identified your divine platform, are still praying about your platform, or would like help engaging your divine platform and having conversations about Jesus, we have an important next step for you! 

We invite you to consider participating


The Discovery Experience is an 8-week small group journey where we explore who you are and where you are so that you can better understand your platform and be more comfortable engaging others in conversations about how God has worked in your life.

If you or your small group is interested in learning more about the Discovery Experience, please contact Briana at