Luke’s Light House

by Kristen Shawver
June 24, 2012

December 28, 2010 of my senior year, my friends and I were all going out to dinner in Dallas. The weather was really bad that night, so we had to do some major persuading of our parents to let us go. They eventually all agreed, so we decided to carpool and meet at Luke’s house in Coppell.

My friend and I hopped in the car to go over there. But on the way over, we got a text saying that dinner was off. Luke was in a car accident. We were bummed, but we figured it was a little fender bender that had to do something with the weather. As the night went on, we learned more about how serious it was. We heard things like “care flight” and “emergency brain surgery.”

Luke had had a brain aneurism while he was driving, which is what caused the accident. He was in a coma, and the doctors said 10 days max until he would wake up. Ten days came and went, but Luke was still in a coma.

Soon, school started back up and we used our lunch breaks to go visit him in the hospital, talk to his family, and talk to him, even though he couldn’t respond to us. We had a 48-hour prayer chain back at school. During class each day we prayed for him. We told our teachers that we firmly believed the Lord could heal him. But if He decided to take Luke home, we wanted to find out together, before the rest of the school.

On Friday night, March 11, we all got a text message asking us to meet at the school in the Chapel. We all dropped what we were doing and went straight there. We were told that the Lord had taken Luke home. We sat there in tears questioning why the Lord would take Luke. Luke was everyone’s best friend. He was a humble spiritual leader… Student Athlete of the Year… He led praise and worship in chapel… He was in the school musicals… He made us want to chase after the Lord. It just didn’t make sense why the Lord would take him.

We knew the truth that
all things work together
for the good of those who love the Lord,
but we didn’t understand.


That summer, some of us went to Zambia to work with Family Legacy at Camp LIFE, a camp for orphaned and vulnerable children. Family Legacy also has a children’s village that saves children off the street who have been raped, abused, or abandoned, and gives them a new home with loving house parents, 3 meals a day, and a Christian education. They give these children a new life and raise them so that they can go out and impact their country. Each house is built and named in honor of someone.

One of our friends said, “Let’s build one in honor of Luke. Luke loved kids and loved the Lord, and that’s what he would’ve wanted.” So we all decided that’s what we would do. The house costs $80,000 to build and furnish, which is a ton of money to raise — especially for a couple of kids who just graduated high school. We knew that the Lord was calling us to do it and that He would provide. We learned what it meant to be desperately dependent on Him, because this was a task we couldn’t do on our own. There were strict deadlines we had to hit along the way — like the money needed for the foundation, which had to be poured before the rainy season hit.  The Lord provided at every step, and we met every deadline.

On January 31, all $80,000 was raised — only six months after we started. We were able to experience the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness first hand as He provided the finances for this house. We named it Luke’s Light House.

All things do work together for the good of those who love Him, sometimes we just don’t see it right away. Now 14 precious Zambian children will have a new chance at life.