Glory in Flesh

Speaker: Neil Tomba
Date: 12/1/19


Jesus, we confess we have feasted for too long at the table of lesser glories. We know the distortions that leave us broken, lonely and anxious. We feel the ache, we sense the longing. Show us your glory. Show us all your goodness. Your glory is what our hearts long for. Jesus may your glory fill us with the living bread and rivers of living water. Let the taste of your glory on this earth lead us to healing. Let the hope of your coming glory transfer our views of ourselves, others, and you. Let this hope transform our pride into humility, our consuming into generosity, our lust into passion for your name. Make us a people who reflect your glory. This advent may the thoughts, sight, and sound of Jesus, a baby in a manager, invite us to taste and see the goodness of your glory.