Northwest Community Center in Vickery Meadow exists to
AID refugees to start a new life,
EMPOWER refugees to thrive in a new culture, and
INVITE refugees to experience new life.


Learn more about the NCC, Vickery Meadow, our partners, and more here.


The success of the Northwest Community Center would not be possible without our hundreds of volunteers. From conversation partners to kid wranglers to behind-the-scenes organizers, the investment of each of our volunteers' time, talents, and treasure is truly invaluable to the NCC.


Our Core Programs are our anchors to the refugee community in Vickery Meadow. Each program enables us to build relationships with people by providing aid, empowering self-sufficiency, and ultimately inviting people into relationship with us and Jesus Christ. Click on any of the banners below to learn more about each program and how you can get involved as a volunteer. 


If you have any questions about any of our programs or just need a little more information, please let us know!