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Texas Health Dallas, Northwest Community Center and Healing Hands Receive Community Service Award

Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Release by Texas Health Dallas

DALLAS, TEXAS, March 8, 2018 – A woman wearing a hijab and a bright floor-length dress is having a conversation in Burmese with the front desk staff of Healing Hands Ministries’ clinic inside Northwest Community Center. Behind them, another woman on the Dallas clinic’s staff speaks Spanish on the phone.

All told, the staff speaks 11 languages, linking them with those they serve in the richly diverse Vickery Meadow neighborhood. A collaboration that resulted in more services and health care for the community of more than 26,000 was the basis for an award to Texas Health Dallas from the Texas Hospital Association last month.

Texas Health Dallas received the 2017 Texas Hospital Association Excellence in Community Service Award for Northwest Community Center’s impact on Vickery Meadow, which is a major refugee resettlement center. More than 40 languages are spoken by the residents, who live just east of the Texas Health Dallas campus.

Texas Health Resources, Texas Health Dallas, Northwest Bible Church and Healing Hands Ministries worked together to create the Northwest Community Center.

The center provides services, including English classes, pastoral care, job training and tutoring, and houses a primary care clinic operated by Healing Hands Ministries.

“We are proud to provide culturally sensitive and dignified care to communities throughout North Texas, and this center is a shining example of that,” said Virginia Rose-Harris, vice president and administrator of the Margot Perot Hospital for Women and Infants, who helped lead creation of the center.

Northwest Community Center opened in February 2016 and the clinic, which followed in June of that year, is a satellite location of Healing Hands Ministries.

The partnership with Healing Hands Ministries and its president and CEO, Janna Gardner, islongstanding and continues to evolve, Rose-Harris said.

Currently, Rose-Harris said, “We have a particular interest in helping support Healing Hands in their efforts to develop women and pediatric services to advance the good health and wellness of this community we have the privilege to serve. It’s a next step in our ever-evolving relationship with such an amazing partner.”

Gardner said Healing Hands Ministries is “humbled to partner with an incredible health care organization that embraces our mission and see that we're making an impact on the community. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with them in order to collectively make an impact that is a catalyst for improved health outcomes.”

The center – and the award – are the result of many community leaders coming together to provide more services to the community, which is about improving the community’s well-being, said Texas Health CEO Barclay Berdan.

 “It really does take a village to create holistic solutions to improve social determinants of health and treat chronic conditions,” Berdan said. “It’s rewarding to see the fruits of our collaboration with other organizations make Vickery Meadow a better place to work, live and play.”

Support of the center is part of Texas Health’s non-profit mission to improve the health of the people in the communities the system serves, Berdan added. As part of that mission, in 2016, Texas Health provided more than $860 million in community benefit and charity care to North Texas. This includes absorbing the cost of care for those who cannot afford treatments and supporting clinics like Healing Hands that provide primary care to underserved communities so those people stay healthy and out of the hospital. The annual community benefit provided by Texas Health also includes scholarship programs for nurses to advance their careers and financial support of other non-profits.

Ted Shaw, president and CEO of the Texas Hospital Association, said the award recognizes a hospital that distinguishes itself through contributions to its community.

“This year, we were proud to recognize Texas Health Dallas’s partnership with Northwest Bible Church and Healing Hands Ministries to create the Northwest Community Center to meet the health and social needs of the Vickery Meadow community,” he said. “Texas Health’s commitment to service, collaboration and patient-centered care is truly reflected in this unique partnership.”