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Coronavirus Update

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Dear Northwest Family,

In light of the ongoing spread of the coronavirus and the inevitable presence of the disease here in Dallas, I want you to know that we are taking preventive measures to keep our campus—and all those who enjoy it—safe and healthy.  

Currently, we are taking time to conduct deep cleanings throughout our facilities, and we are sanitizing toys and surfaces in the children's areas after every use. We have also placed hand sanitizer dispensers across our campus to serve you and those close to you.

There are several ways you can support our campus life: 

  • If you or your children are sick, please stay home. Sermon podcasts are available on our website and we encourage you to listen as we continue our walk through the Book of Proverbs.
  • Be prepared to greet one another differently. Instead of the usual handshake or hug, a genuine smile, eye contact, and occasional fist bump will go a long way.
  • Wash your hands; wash your hands; wash your hands.

We anticipate that additional preventive measures will be needed, and we will share those with you as they become necessary. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me ( or our elders ( if you have a specific question or suggestion.

Jim Denison of the Denison Forum has written a white paper entitled, “Where is God when pandemics strike?”, which you can read here. Jim does a great job explaining pandemics from a theological perspective, which I believe you will find helpful.

Finally, let us join together and pray during this season of uncertainty. Pray against a spirit of fear. Pray that the Holy Spirit will enable us to rest in our dependence on Jesus. Pray that our campus will continue to be a welcoming environment for those who are lost and searching. Pray that God will give us eyes to see new opportunities to have meaningful conversations about Jesus.

With much gratitude for you and our God in heaven,

Brandt C. Wright
Executive Pastor