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NORTHWEST | Campus Update – May 15, 2020

Date: Friday, May 15, 2020

Click to hear an important update on our campus closure.

Dear Northwest family – 
We love connecting with you and hearing from you, and even though we’re further apart physically, in many ways, we’ve never felt closer.
We know you’re very interested to hear what Northwest has planned for re-opening our church campus, and I want to take a quick minute to keep you updated, as promised!
We have no immediate plans to resume worshiping together on campus. We’ll continue to worship together via livestream for the time being. However, we’re also planning a slow and measured approach to incorporating some events in June and July. I’ll elaborate more on that below.
First, I want to make sure you understand our heart behind these decisions. We’re benchmarking with 30 other DFW churches and praying about what Jesus wants for our specific community. Dallas County COVID-19 cases are higher now than they were two weeks ago when we first updated you on our re-opening plans. While they have potentially plateaued, we want to remain vigilant in protecting our congregation and being good citizens. While we all want to “return to normal,” we recognize that the “new normal” is not the same.
Our desire is to create a meaningful and safe worship experience upon our return to gathering again, and the reality is, we just can’t do that right now.
While we can’t meet for worship in person, God is not limited by location! He is still moving, and ministry is still happening. We are so encouraged by how our church family has been caring for others, praying, meeting virtually in groups, and having conversations about Jesus! These continue to be our four priorities during this time. We are the Church, and where God has us is where Jesus is!
Going forward, we want your help in knowing how to come back in a way that’s meaningful and safe.

Beginning June 1, here’s what we’re inviting you to do:

  1. Small groups: We’re inviting small groups to worship and meet together in homes as you feel comfortable. If you’re not comfortable joining your group in person, let your group know so you can participate via Zoom. You are a vital part of your group, whether you meet in person or virtually!
  1. Events in June & July: We have carefully selected 12 events to hold on our campus in June and July, and we’d love for you to participate as you feel comfortable and then provide feedback to us.

Our campus will not be open outside of these 12 specific events. There will be no outside events or ministries hosted on campus, and no small groups will be invited to meet onsite. We also encourage senior adults and those in high-risk categories to continue engaging from home.
We are being very deliberate in our planning to ensure that we can host meaningful events on our campus while keeping everyone safe, following social distancing and health and hygiene guidelines. We’ll be sending targeted communications in advance to the audiences these events are designed for with specific instructions so they can feel confident choosing whether to participate or not. Our goal is to create a safe environment that instills confidence while meeting emotional and spiritual needs.
We want your help in learning how to do ministry in this new season. We also know that everything is subject to change based on revised guidelines from government officials and even from our own learning from participants and volunteers at these events.
As you have questions and comments, we invite you to email and share them with us.
We are all living out our mission together – Inviting people into the unexpected joy of desperate dependence on Jesus! As we invite others, we also lean into our own desperate dependence, trusting God with the unknowns. We look forward to seeing each of your faces when the time is right! Until then, remember that we are not waiting to “get back to church”; WE are the Church – sharing God’s love with our neighbors and continuing to pray for opportunities to have conversations about Jesus wherever God has us.
I can’t wait to see you online Sunday!

Neil Tomba
Senior Pastor