As the COVID-19 crisis continues and uncertainty grows in so many areas, we remain certain that Jesus will meet us in our desperation. We know that many of you have been impacted emotionally and financially. God, in His grace, has richly blessed our body to be able to meet many of those needs. Please let us know how we can care for you.

We also believe our vision – that by 2026, we will be having thousands of surprisingly easy-to-start conversations about Jesus all over our city because we are convinced, where God has us is where Jesus is – is more relevant than ever. We hope to reach out in a unique way, by asking you, Northwest Bible Church, to ask your neighbors one simple question – “How can we pray for you?”

We've created yard signs to help you reach out easily to your neighbors while maintaining safe social distancing! We can't wait to see how you will use these to care for others and start conversations about Jesus. Our initial pickup period was on the Northwest campus from April 7–9, and we have lots of signs left! Please email us at to arrange a pickup time. You can stay in your car and we'll bring the sign out to you, using safe social distancing! Let us know if you are high-risk or cannot leave your home; our deacons are available to deliver a sign to you.

As you become aware of your neighbors' needs, try to meet them. As those needs grow beyond what you can do, email us at We are here to support you as you care for those around you. But our primary goal is to build relationships with people that could result in their eternal life in Jesus. Thank you for joining us in the vision God has called us to. Read more about boundaries for caring here.

What might God do if we pray? What might God do if we ask our neighbors how we can pray for them? Let’s find out together.

In Him,


If you have an immediate financial need or you know someone in our church body who does, email and let us know. The Northwest Cares committee will review your request and get back to you!


Use a thick permanent marker to write your contact info on the white space provided on your yard sign. You can provide your email address, phone number, or any other way for people to contact you! Be creative! Here are some ideas:

  • "Drop a note in our mailbox!"
  • "Send us an email at ________"
  • "Text us at _______"
  • "Contact us on Facebook – (give your name)" or "DM us on Instagram @______"
  • "Join our neighborhood Facebook group at"


    Q: How should I tell my neighbors to contact me?
    A: However you'd like! Be creative! See several ideas above.

    Q: What do I do if my neighbor asks for help or money instead of just prayer?
    A: We want to care for our neighbors, and we encourage you to do what you feel comfortable with, but boundaries are important! Read about boundaries here.

    Q: Can the church help if a neighbor shares a need beyond my ability or comfort level to help?
    A: If you'd like to offer assistance past what you can provide, email us at and let us know the situation. The Northwest Cares committee will review the requests and respond to you with whether we can help and what that looks like.

    Q: I'm feeling anxious about my ability to care well for my neighbors and/or potentially share my faith. 
    A: We understand that it can be unsettling offering "help" when you're not sure what someone might ask. Sharing your faith can also sound overwhelming if you're not used to it. We would love to help with these concerns. Read more about how to care well for others here and join our Conversations About Jesus group on Facebook to pose questions and receive support from others in this step of faith! We are all in this together and believe that the Holy Spirit can work through us if we're willing.

    Q: I can't leave my house to pick up a yard sign. Is there any way I can get one? 
    A: Our deacons are available to deliver a yard sign to those who are high risk or cannot leave their home. Please email and let us know if you need a sign delivered. If you have a friend picking up a sign for themselves who can also pick one up for you, that's a great option as well. 

    Q: How can I give to Northwest Cares?
    A: We have had generous donations that will cover needs at this point. We ask that you make giving to our general fund and missions fund your top giving priorities during this season. If you are able to give above and beyond your gifts to our general and missions funds, your donations to Northwest Cares are welcome.


    Let us know how you're reaching out to your neighbors and what conversations you're having!