Life Happens

Often the circumstances of life catch us off-guard. Sometimes it’s the catastrophic. Sometimes it’s the mundane. At times it can feel like we are the casualties of our own bad choices, of the choices of others, or of the fact that sin is in the world and life is hard.

We feel powerless. Lost. Confused.

God Is at Work

If we are to be a people of faith, we are compelled to believe that God is working out all things to His purposes. So we learn to see His redemptive power at work through our trials. In each person’s story, we have the chance to see a new facet of God’s work.

Sharing our stories can renew hope, provide healing and offer warning.



So we take time to tell our stories. And we take time to listen.



Often, the stories included here reflect some aspect of our mission or values, which you can read more about here.

What we Believe