Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a multi-generational church that seeks to be a mind-connected-to-heart people who pursue Christ without pretense. In our own lives, we want to know what it means to grow in our dependence on Jesus — both when times are good and when times are hard. We want to be a people who consistently invite others into the same experience of dependence. For in dependence, we expect to find the joy of resting in Christ’s sufficiency. We invite you to join us as we experience the unexpected joy of desperate dependence on Jesus. 

Our Mission

Inviting people into the unexpected joy of desperate dependence on Jesus

Because we recognize our need for the Holy Spirit to form Christ’s character in us, we depend on Him. And because we accept that all persons need to be saved, we make it our aim to invite others in to experience the joy of depending on Him.

Our Values

Because we believe God is over us in all things, we value “God’s Truth over our Opinion,” “God's People over our Programs,” “God’s Healing over our Hiding,” and “God’s Mission over our Comfort.” (Col. 1:17-20)

What God has to say is more important than what we have to say. God holds the unique position of defining reality, so we affirm that God’s Word has the final say.

Jesus came to free the captives, to heal the sick, and to offer us peace with God. Therefore, in every program we have, we recognize it is simply a platform for inviting people to experience abundant life more fully.

Many of us are tempted to hide our brokenness. We have learned to hide our pain, our sin and our shame. But we believe God calls us to bring our brokenness into the light of the cross for His healing and restoration.

Finally, we recognize that — despite what society might tell us — our personal comfort is not our highest good. Because Jesus valued the divine mission over his own personal comfort, He opened the way to salvation for any who would believe.


Our Strategy

As a community of believers, Northwest Bible Church has designated three aspects we consider vital to living out the church's mission and values in our personal, daily lives. 

Every Sunday we gather. We stand together as a family of faith — to praise God for His goodness, to hear truth from His Word, to encourage one another in relying on Christ. Here, in worship, we see God at work among us. We express our value of God over us as we seek His truth over our opinions. He is supremely important.

We believe that no one pursues Christ in isolation. Discipleship is done in community. We want to intentionally engage in groups that routinely provide the platform for spiritual transformation — a place where we are students of the Scriptures, where we openly share our lives and our struggles, and we pray for one another. Here we find spiritually edifying relationships as we value God’s people over programs.

Serving can be defined as “giving of my resources for the benefit of others.” It can be done inside or outside the church walls. This is where we live out our value of God’s mission over our comfort.

Core Questions

We expect that as we follow God’s leading, we will each see clear evidence of His work. We want to be a community that perpetually asks the following questions of one another because we believe they prompt us to evaluate our values, to extend the invitation, and to remember our salvation.
  • Who are you inviting into conversations about Jesus?
  • Where are you desperately dependent on Jesus?
  • When have you taken a risk because of Jesus?
  • How are you experiencing unexpected joy from Jesus?