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Brian Lonergan

Sports and Fitness Minister

Northwest Bible has been my church home since 2000. In 2007, I transitioned out of the corporate world to focus my time fully on ministry to high school students. With my unique qualifications as an All-American football player and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, in 2013 I locked in to a new role at Northwest as the Sports & Fitness Minister where I get to combine my love for sports and fitness with my passion for outreach and discipleship.

Without outreach, I would have never known who Jesus was and without discipleship I would have never grown in my faith.  When I was 15, I was introduced to Jesus through the outreach efforts of an old man who loved Jesus so much that he wanted to share Christ with everyone around him (whether he knew them or not).  And in the years that followed, God placed people in my life who have discipled me along the way and shown me how to learn about the character of God, love the ministry of Jesus, embrace the ways of the Spirit, fellowship with other believers, and serve the church.  I don’t know exactly where I would be without the outreach of that old man and without the discipleship of men of the faith through the years; but because of the impact they had on me in my high school years and beyond, my ministry passions revolve around outreach and discipleship. Knowing that athletes require more than just attention to their physical build, l am honored by the opportunity to address their spiritual needs as well. I strive to utilize the platform of sports and fitness to show and share the gospel and ultimately ignite the potential of athletes beyond the field of play. 


Outreach, Sports and Fitness