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Brian Newby

Lead Outreach Minister

I have had the wonderful opportunity to grow up in a home that honored our Lord Jesus Christ and held His ministry in high esteem. I came to know the Lord at the age of 6 and have been seeking to follow His gracious lead ever since. From an early age I felt a call to serve the Lord overseas and use my life to share His gospel and to help build His Church. God has given me the privilege of serving in a wide variety of ministries all across the globe. Now that my lovely wife and I have finished our Master’s at Dallas Theological Seminary, I am pursuing my PhD and trusting the Spirit’s guidance as we prepare our lives for ministry through theological education in South East Asia.

I am blessed to be serving as Minister of Outreach at Northwest Bible Church where I both encourage and equip others to be more involved in the great commission as God has gifted them. One of my favorite questions is “How can I get involved?”

My personal interest can be described as eclectic. I love collecting and reading books (particularly from long-dead theologians), cooking, creating things from scratch (cheese, roasting coffee beans, prosciutto, etc.) communication theory, espresso, soccer, and traveling the world. If it involves creativity and imagination, chances are I enjoy it!


Outreach, Sports and Fitness