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David Rogers

Care Minister

It is a great blessing to serve our church as the Care Minister.  As our church embraces brokenness, I seek to lead our care teams in responding to the needs that often accompany it.  I have attended Northwest for several years and joined the staff in 2012.  After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary and developing a counseling practice, the Care ministry is a wonderful place to put my skills and gifts to work for the Kingdom.

I was raised in a Christian home and grew up in church in Brownwood, Texas.  I accepted Christ as a teenager but kept God at arm’s length for many years.  After college at Baylor, I returned home to run the family business.  I began serving at a church there, and enjoyed almost 20 years of slow but steady spiritual growth before moving to Dallas.  At Northwest, my spiritual life spiked as my family and I became involved in a small group for the first time.  Some of the greatest blessings in my life are a direct result of relationships developed there and the way God revealed Himself in the midst of life with those people.

I may be known best for my accent, bringing a little bit of the country to the big city.  I love watching movies and playing games with my wife and son.  I enjoy backpacking - my son and I are still working on Mom.  When I’m not reading something, I’m writing something.  A passage that has greatly influenced my ministry is Gen. 2:18, the first crisis in scripture.


Care, Group Life, Prayer, Widow's Ministry