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Sarah Stiles

Group Life Admin

It is an honor to have the role of Group Life Administrative Assistant at Northwest Bible Church since August of 2018. Previously, I attended Dallas Theological Seminary, pursuing a Masters of Theology in Educational Leadership. I’ve attended Northwest since the Spring of 2016, and in that time I began serving in the Middle School Ministry. I soon came to love the people of Northwest, so when interviewing for jobs, I did not want God to take me away from this church. Little did I know He would place me further in the church!

My life before Christ was as separated from God as possible. Granted, I was only five years old when I became a Christian, and to the world's eyes, as innocent as could be. I became a Christian when the Holy Spirit made clear to me that by trusting in Christ's death and resurrection for me, I could be saved from eternal death to eternal life. Placed in Christian settings my whole life, I have served in many ministries, but God has specifically made me passionate to teach the Word and to encourage His people to pursue Him. I am amazed at His graciousness to include me in His Kingdom work.

I am a nerd to the core. I love studying languages (Hebrew is my favorite), and if I could go to school for forever, I would. From examining the Bible in depth to reading before bed, I always need to be learning something. Just top that off with a cup of Earl Grey tea, and I’ll be exceedingly content. Music also gives me great joy. I love playing classical pieces on the piano, and if you see me with headphones on, I’m likely listening to soundtrack music. I am always ready for a competitive game of volleyball or an intense round of Monopoly. While those are my loves, my hope is eagerly awaiting the return of my Savior, and I cannot wait to spend my eternity with Him (maybe over a game of volleyball or a cup of tea).


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