English Classes @ NCC


Mornings: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday | 10:00 - 11:00am — Evenings: Tuesday & Thursday | 6:00 - 8:00pm


Northwest Community Center
Vickery Meadow
5750 Pineland Dr. | Dallas TX 75231



Imagine moving to a foreign country with six months of government assistance to find a job and support your family. When just navigating a grocery store seems overwhelming, imagine trying to do all of this without being able to speak the native language. 


One of the first obstacles every refugee must overcome is a language barrier. The NCC provides free English classes in partnership with Refugee Services of Texas, who provides certified teachers for three levels of English learning.

By providing the valuable resource of free English classes, we seek to empower refugees with the skills necessary to communicate effectively enough to navigate through life in a new country.

As a volunteer, you will be a conversation partner helping a refugee practice the skills they learn in their class asking questions given after each lesson. As with any of our areas of service, you can come once or every time. Our staff and volunteers create a safe, relational setting for our English students to learn, with the hope that someday we can invite them into new life in Jesus as well.

How Can I Be Involved?

For morning English, signing up is not necessary, just come on out!
If you're interested in serving in evening English, please sign up here

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