Healing Hands Health Center


Northwest Community Center
Vickery Meadow
5750 Pineland Dr. | Dallas TX 75231


Jennifer Searles


Healing Hands Ministries
In 2016 we gratefully introduced the addition of the Healing Hands Ministries Health Center to the Northwest Community Center. Healing Hands Ministries strives to provide compassionate accessible, quality care to all of its neighbors. In continuing that passion, Healing Hands opened their first satellite campus at the Northwest Community Center. In 2018, Healing Hands expanded to the second floor of the NCC, adding a Women's Health Center and a Pediatric Care Clinic. By partnering together, Northwest and Healing Hands now have the chance to care for refugees in a more holistic way. 


 If you're interested in volunteering with Healing Hands, please contact Jennifer Searles at jennifersearles@hhmtx.org.

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