Life Happens

Often the circumstances of life catch us off-guard. Sometimes it’s the catastrophic. Sometimes it’s the mundane. At times it can feel like we are the casualties of our own bad choices, of the choices of others, or of the fact that sin is in the world and life is hard.

We feel powerless. Lost. Confused.

God Is at Work

If we are to be a people of faith, we are compelled to believe that God is working out all things to His purposes. So we learn to see His redemptive power at work through our trials. In each person’s story, we have the chance to see a new facet of God’s work.

Sharing our stories can renew hope, provide healing and offer warning.



So we take time to tell our stories. And we take time to listen. 

We would love to know your story.

Because we value GOD'S TRUTH over our OPINION, GOD'S HEALING over our HIDING, GOD'S PEOPLE  over our PROGRAMS, and GOD'S MISSION over our COMFORT, we value your stories of God intersecting your lives.

  • You may have a story about DESPERATE DEPENDENCE on Jesus.
  • You may have a story about UNEXPECTED JOY from Jesus.
  • You may have a story about TAKING A RISK for Jesus.
  • You may have a story about INVITING PEOPLE into CONVERSATIONS about Jesus.

We know that stories are personal, and we will not share them without your permission.

If you choose to share your story with us, we may ask to share it on our website or even give you the opportunity to share in front of a group at Northwest. But your information will never be shared without your permission.

To share your story, fill out the form below:

Please note that we will contact you before sharing any of your story outside of staff.

If you select yes and we are interested in having you share your story, we will contact you to discuss possible dates and preparation details.